Thursday, July 7, 2011


I have a limited, ugly prose, which seems to suit itself best to certain contexts, like sarcastic emails, or text messaging, or in-browser chatting, for example, where the rhythm of language doesn’t depend on an economy of text, but can be as easily accomplished through quick typing. Correspondence is also basically written in the vernacular, which allows me to be descriptive without having to be poetic—poetic writing being something I generally don’t do very well. Of course, I’m not very good at poetic writing because I have had very little practice doing it, and have had little practice doing it because most of my writing is sending sarcastic emails, or text messages.

Summer is for spiritual and artistic growth, in the same way that the year proper is reserved for academic and vocational growth and nothing else. I’m thinking of maybe experimenting with some sorts of experimental project-like things, is what I’m trying to put out here right now. Perhaps involving any combination of life blogging, cocktail blogging, cocktail crafting, fiction writing, photography, illustration, digital art, or water coloring. There remains about a month and a half of uncorrupted, malleable life before return to the vocational school. Photos, drinks, and blogs mix well, and are an obvious start. Though prior to that the more important first step, I would think, would be to find an audience, or a support crew, that would serve to inspire and motivate. Otherwise, I would just be writing at my Mac while it blankly reflected my words back at me, which is un-ambitious and fated to early death.

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